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In the Elder Days, there existed 3 Ancients. The Fallen Ancient, Ruler of Darkness. The King Ancient, Ruler of Order. And the Ethereal Ancient, Ruler of Light. Due to being too dark, the King Ancient damned the Fallen Ancient to a realm he would soon call Hell. However, before he was damned, the Fallen Ancient made a sword that when wielded, would corrupt the wielder and allow the Fallen Ancient to rise again.

Now, a dark wizard has summoned three demons of darkness with the intention to have the Fallen Ancient rise again. With your town's gem stolen the Fallen Ancient may soon rise if the demons open the way to the Sword of Corruption.

Only you are brave and pure enough to stop the demons and the Fallen Ancient.

Fight many dangerous monsters, beasts, and guardians as you try and stop the evil forces at work, and learn more about yourself, and what awaits in the future.


In the current version (All Hallow's Eve Update):

  • 4 of the 5 towns
  • The 4 First Tier bosses
  • 2 of the main story bosses
  • 2 of the Second Tier bosses ( you can only fight one per playthrough for now)
  • 7 weapons ( Only 6 availabe per playthrough for now)
  • 2 armor sets (Clothes and Lava Armor)
  • A variety of enemies
  • At least 45 minutes of gameplay
  • Lore and backstory
  • Bug fixes

Coming in the next version (Fire & Ice Update) [Estimated release: Late December]

  • All 5 towns
  • Fire Temple & Ice Temple
  • Fire Dungeon & Ice Dungeon
  • Hydro Armor
  • Fire Staff

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